Offer a gift card for a romantic weekend in Paris, you are sure to please

A wedding anniversary or simply a wedding to celebrate? Young parents in need of intimacy? What if you offered them a gift card for a romantic weekend in Paris?

Offering hotel nights in Paris, such a seductive approach

Forget the classic and tasteless boxes in which luxury hotels are never listed because they don't need them. Instead, offer a gift card for a romantic weekend in Paris directly to the Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond.

5 star hotel in the 8th district, the hotel is one of those hotels in the capital that are able to dazzle their guests. But this hotel does it in its own way, by encrusting Swarovski chips directly into the black granite present in many rooms. The Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond is sparkling, literally. So when you give a gift card for a romantic stay in Paris at this establishment, you'll know you've given one of those special moments that a couple never forgets.

Luxury to seduce you, gift vouchers for a hotel in Paris to make your life easier

The Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond seductive at all times. The rooms and suites offer a real bubble of intimacy in a very elegant contemporary atmosphere with touches of baroque like velvet fabrics, Swarovski sparkles or grey tones that enhance the decorations on red tones. There is a real charm in these rooms and suites that make you want to stay there, to snuggle up and cut off all communication with the outside world. With a gift card for a romantic weekend in Paris at Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond, you know you've hit the spot.

To finish seducing you, we should not forget the breakfast served in the form of a generous and gourmet buffet or the hotel bar, the Diamond, where you will be welcomed all day in an atmosphere full of diamonds and offering a magnificent view of the Patio. A real cocoon for lovers!

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