Welcome to Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond, hotel in Paris 8eme

Looking for a hotel in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris that is beyond any experience you've ever had? Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond is without a doubt the perfect address, combining the luxury of a Grand Parisian Hotel and a welcome like in your "5 star House". A hotel in the center of Paris 75008, a warm establishment out of category in the Luxury. When you think of Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond, it is the first word that comes to mind. Luxury through the comfort of the rooms and suites 5 stars where nothing is left to chance in the facilities (wifi, air conditioning, Italian shower, ceiling mirror, Nespresso coffee maker). The luxury is also in the baroque and contemporary decoration and the staging of this hotel near the Opera Garnier. If this is one of the most elegant neighborhoods, this Paris 8eme hotel is its standard bearer. Black granite, Swarovski crystals, crystal, so many sparkles that underline the aestheticism of the decoration, the luxury of the fittings, the rarity of rooms of this level of reception. At Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond you are in another world, while remaining just a stone's throw from the Grands Magasins du Boulevard Haussmann or the rue St Lazare.

Hotel in the 8th district of Paris, the Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond in the center of Paris

You only have to choose once, for a stay, the hotel in Paris 8eme the Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond to know that it is the center of Paris. In addition to the style, there is the reception of the children, the exceptional breakfast, the splendid bar, all that makes that Paris will not count any more for you, only your room of luxury in this hotel in the heart of Paris will have importance. Yet you will be just a few minutes walk or metro ride from the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Gardens, the Champs-Elysées and the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower and the banks of the Seine. Everything that makes Paris a place of culture and entertainment, or its great restaurants, all revolve around Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond. The central location on rue de la Pépinière in the 8th arrondissement is a central asset for the success of your stay in Paris, whether it be in family, romantic or business. And with the hotel's online concierge service, you'll enjoy Paris and the Ile de France immoderately.

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