A hotel with a balcony for a view of Paris: the Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond is waiting to amaze you

When you come to Paris, it's obviously to take full advantage of what the capital has to offer. The romantic view from the roofs of Paris is one of them. But for that, you need a hotel with a balcony for an unforgettable view of Paris.

Hotel with a view of Paris, and what a view!

Being a hotel with a view of Paris is not enough to seduce you. Staying in the heart of the capital, you wouldn't expect anything else. What you need is a hotel with a balcony for the view of Paris. It is the way to take the time to observe it, to see with a different eye the monuments of the capital, like the nearby Gare St Lazare. With its balcony and Haussmannian facades that allow large windows, you have an incredible view of the City of Light, its life, its bustle, day and night from the Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond.

Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond, a hotel with a view of the rooftops of Paris, and more

Of course, this hotel with a view of Paris will impress you, Paris always does. But the establishment, a 5 stars in the 8th arrondissement, also has many arguments to remain forever engraved in your memory. It starts with the black granite of some walls of the hotel which is encrusted with Swarovski stones. It continues with the rooms, 2 levels of comfort, and the suites (5 levels). If they are differentiated, they are in truth not so far from each other. The elegance of the decor, the glamorous baroque touches in the middle of a contemporary decoration, the high-end equipment, the view on the roofs of Paris for some, the Italian shower of the suites, the sitting area or the office, the marble, the granite or the crystal as material for the atmosphere, one is literally surrounded at every moment by this luxury.

Buffet breakfast, Le Diamond bar, proximity to the Champs Élysées, Boulevard Haussmann and the large shops, your hotel with a balcony and a view of Paris will not leave you a minute's rest.

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