Hotel in Haussmann Opéra, the 5 star choice of Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond

Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond is a wonderful hotel in Haussmann Opéra in Paris. A 5 star hotel of luxury and elegance offering a privileged setting for a simply unique stay.

Luxury hotel in the Opera district in Paris, Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond defines luxury

As soon as you enter the Haussmannian façade, you know that with the Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond you are entering a world of luxury and elegance. Luxury is the materials used for the decoration or the layout of the rooms, the marble in the bathrooms, the mirrors on the ceiling. Elegance is in the choice of colors, gray and black or white and red tones, in the arrangement of styles. With Swarovski crystals on a black background, offering a brilliant rendering that is simply striking. But beyond its style, there is also the quality of the facilities. This hotel in Haussmann Opera is a 5 star establishment. You will find everything you need for a luxurious stay in the exceptional rooms and suites, such as air conditioning, Italian shower, Nespresso coffee machine and a balcony. Above all, there is the incredible luxury of a steam shower, mirrors on the ceiling and many other surprises. Breakfast with top-of-the-range products, personalized welcome for children for your family stays, or a bar with a hushed atmosphere, you won't know where to turn in this great hotel in Haussmann Opéra.

Hotel near the boulevard Haussmann, the Maison Albar Le Diamond in the center of Paris.

The Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond is located behind a majestic Haussmannian facade in the rue de la Pépinière in the center of Paris. Nothing else will matter except what revolves around your hotel in the Haussmann Opéra district of Paris. You are lucky, the area of the department stores and the Opera is close to the Champs Elysees, the Louvre, Rivoli or in a more practical style the St Lazare train station. And with public transportation from the center of Paris, you'll have the entire capital at your disposal within minutes of this luxury hotel at Opera in Paris.
Whether you're traveling for work, shopping, with family or as a couple, you'll have a memorable stay at Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond.

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